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Fun and Effective Ways to Keep Your Kids Fit and Healthy in Tralee!

Welcome to Pro Fitness Tralee, your go-to source for keeping your kids fit and healthy while having a blast in beautiful Tralee! As a gym owner we are dedicated to promoting active lifestyles, we understand the importance of making fitness fun, engaging, and accessible for families. In this article, we'll share some exciting ways to keep your kids fit and healthy in Tralee. Let's dive in and make fitness an enjoyable part of your family's routine!

The world we live in has created an ideal combination of factors leading to the crisis of childhood obesity.

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One contributing factor is the abundance of inexpensive, low-quality food, coupled with a decline in movement and physical activity among children.

During my own upbringing, outdoor play was a big part of our lives. We would spend hours kicking a ball, hide & seek, tip the can, chasing, cycling etc. We would only come indoors when 'Mom' called us in for our dinner, it didnt matter how far away we were, we always heard her. No need for a mobile phone, they didnt exist. We eagerly awaited the arrival of summer, for longer evenings, that grand ole stretch in the evening! We would cycle to the local beach or get the local bus as back then as not many people owned cars. Packed a lunch and we were ready for the day, splashing in the water, kicking a ball, throwing frisbee and only stopping when were called for the most amzing sandwich you have ever tasted, 2 slices of bread with real butter, a slice of meat usually sliced ham from the deli counter maybe leftover chicken from the sunday roast and than some sand for that extra special crunch!

However, this scenario has changed dramatically. Nowadays, computer games, television, and social media have become the typical pastimes for children, replacing active outdoor play with sitting infront of a screen indoors and outdoors.

Obesity in children is unfortunately on the rise and their health is in our hands, the hands of us the parents. It is up to us to keep our kids safe and keep them healthy. If your child is sick or feels unwell our automatic instinct is to look after them, bring them do the doctor and help them feel better. Yet as parents we often give in to the temptation for an easy life and give them what they want. I know the feeling of wanting to give my children everything that I may not have had but to what price? I have sat with parents that have told me their child has bad eating habits, drinks too much carbonated high sugar drinks, eats too much junk and refuses to eat healthy. I heard a stand up comedian recently say ''back in the day if you asked mom whats for dinner'' the answer you would get is 'DINNER'.

There was no choice, you ate what was put on a plate for you and if you didn't you would go hungry, there was no bribe, eat it all and I'll get you something nice etc. It's up to us the parents, it's our responsibility to buy the groceries and parents responsiblity to ensure that there is plenty nutritious and healthy options for the whole family.

Fitness classes tralee, gym memberships tralee,gym tralee, gyms in tralee, tralee gym

Finding balance is key...

Perfection is not the goal; rather, it's about practicing sensible moderation.

Whether it involves making food choices during breakfast or deciding between YouTube and outdoor play, parents are faced with challenging decisions daily for the well-being of their children. It's tempting to rely on YouTube or computer games to keep kids occupied. I admit, I did it too. However, it's crucial to ensure that they also engage in physical activity outside the house.

Starting the day with a bowl of cornflakes is not the breakfast routine I would recommed for kids nor is it one I would recommend to my clients. Nonetheless, it's important to recognize that it's not the end of the world either, but try mix it up. Give them some healthier options like oats, eggs etc. I understand this does take a little more effort, especially on a school morning but this is your childs health and well being we are talking about.

Fitness classes tralee, gym memberships tralee,gym tralee, gyms in tralee, tralee gym

If you want to help your kids to stay fit and healthy Pro Fitness Tralee can help.

Fitness Classes in Tralee

Discover a Variety of Fitness Classes

Explore the diverse fitness classes available in Tralee that cater to kids and families:

  • Fun-filled dance classes that get your kids moving and grooving.

  • Energetic group classes that boost strength and coordination.

  • Non competitive fitness classes

  • Exciting sports-oriented classes that introduce your kids to different games and activities.

  • Opportunities for kids to make new friends and foster a love for fitness.

Join Family-Friendly Fitness Classes

Embrace the power of exercising together as a family through specialized fitness classes:

  • Family personal training sessions that promote flexibility, fitness, strength, health.

  • Group fitness classes designed for parents and children to enjoy a high-energy workout.

Gym Memberships in Tralee

Take advantage of family-friendly gym memberships in Tralee to enhance your fitness journey:

  • Access to a wide range of exercise equipment suitable for all ages.

  • Family-oriented facilities with dedicated areas for kids to enjoy supervised activities.

  • Expert guidance from fitness professionals to ensure proper technique and progress.

Kids' Gym Memberships

Enroll your children in specialized kids' gym memberships for an exciting fitness experience:

  • Safe and age-appropriate workout equipment designed to keep kids engaged.

  • Interactive fitness games and challenges to make exercise enjoyable.

  • Supervised activities that promote social interaction and healthy competition.


Q: Are fitness classes suitable for children of all ages in Pro FitnessTralee?

A: Yes! Pro FitnessTralee offers a wide range of fitness classes designed for different age groups, ensuring there's something for everyone, However the child must be an age where they can follow instructions.

Q: Can parents join their kids in fitness classes and gym activities?

A: Absolutely! Many fitness classes and the gym at Pro Fitness Tralee encourage parent-child participation, allowing families to bond while staying active.

At Pro Fitness Tralee, we believe that keeping your kids fit and healthy should be an exciting adventure for the whole family. By exploring fitness classes, gym memberships, and family-friendly gyms, you can make fitness a part of your lifestyle. Embrace the opportunities available in Pro FitnessTralee


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